Sunday, October 10, 2010

Applefest at Blue Vista Farm

The weather was mostly clear and crisp, and the sun brought out the glorious color of each leaf, as the largest crowd in 20 years arrived in Bayfield, WI for the annual Applefest.  Blue Vista Farm  has a display of my jewelry throughout their season, and I bring in a larger display for Applefest weekend.  I set up my display amongst pottery by local artists, honey by local bees, and the beautiful dried flower arrangements that are grown at Blue Vista.  Everything seems to grow better in this area.  I don't have enough pictures to tell the whole story, but here are a few glimpses into this magical area!

                                         The entrance to the retail shop in full summer bloom.

The front of the historic barn.  As soon as you get out of your car, you hear strains of Chopin, Mozart, or Beethoven drifting from the speakers in the loft, and the sound carries way out to the berry fields!

                Dan and I never seem to get enough blueberries!  They're so bountiful and healthy.

The Applefest "bouquet of the day" was displayed next to me, a bittersweet "summer's end" look, don't you think?

                                  A brilliant maple in front of the big barn, gives the day a lift!

        Dan was busy sorting and packing apples.  It takes many hands to keep up with the demand!

                         A variety of apples come out of their bath and go into the new cider press.

            Keith Carlson helps out with the cider press, producing the freshest cider imaginable!

      Part of my display.  I added a dried bouquet of blackberry lillies, there are many to choose from.

  Ending with a small part of the "blue vista", looking over Lake Superior from the back of the barn.  I          wish everyone could stand right here and take a deep breath and enjoy this peaceful atmosphere.  We have many savored memories from our visits here over the years.