Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Rimrock Series

Have you ever created jewelry with the same theme in mind, resulting in a series of items?  It's not an unusual idea, but I hadn't purposely done this until my husband was reading me excerpts from his current book.  It was Rimrock Bluff and Rimrock River and everything exciting happened at the Rimrock, (obviously a western setting)!  So I started thinking about jewelry depicting all the scenes at this fabulous Rimrock area!  When I looked at the Red Creek Jasper, the turquoise, the copper, the leather, everything said "Rimrock"!  It's much easier to design and name your jewelry with this imaginary place in mind!  Here are a few hastily taken photos of some of the series.  It was a weekly rush to get them to the market, so I don't have pictures of all of them, but I'm sure more pieces will come!

                                          "Riding the Ridge at Rimrock"

This was a complete experiment, inspired by the Fall 2009 issue of Belle Armoire magazine.  I cut about 6 lengths of  bronze wire, balled one end, added a few beads,  balled the other end, then carefully wrapped around the leather.  Three are sold, but I still get nervous starting another one!

This is one version of the earrings.

"The Pueblo at Rimrock"

Didn't want you to miss all the silver in the clasp on this one.  I was picturing a woman sitting near her pueblo and braiding all the strands, which are waxed linen.

This is the lovely Ellen, who purchased the necklace as her "Applefest Gift to Herself"!
We were at Blue Vista Farm in Bayfield for the Applefest weekend, it was a wonderful time!

"Rimrock Reflections"

The Red Creek Jasper with great little nuggets and rondelles.  It deserves a better photo!

The pendant looks as if it were cut from a high bluff.

"Rimrock Fire Dance"

More Red Creek Jasper with copper and leather.

"The Colorado Fourteeners" Series

I just started this series, based on inspiration from the fourteen peaks in Colorado that are more than 14,000 feet high.  We've seen about half of them, all majestic, of course!

"La Plata Peak", Elev. 14, 336'

"Little Bear Peak", Elev. 14,037'

These two were designed with men in mind, and that's who bought them, but they looked great on women, too!

"The Siskiwit Bay Series"

This is planned for next summer, just for a shop on Siskiwit Bay,  Lake Superior.

The sawgrass that grows along the beach, part of the inspiration.

We were able to swim in Lake Superior in July!

Thanks so much for your visit.  Your comments on series of jewelry, or any subject, are most welcome!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Huge Giveaway!


If you like copper and other neat stuff and you like Melinda Orr Designs, keep reading!
This is the link to humungous Giveaways and a Sale starting on Wednesday, October 26!  Check it out!
Sorry that I'm not skillful enough to put the picture here, but you will see it all by clicking on the link!
Melinda's blog is on my blog list, too.

This is closed now, but it was a great idea!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Miss Fickle Frenzy!

http://missficklemediacom.blogspot.com/As soon as I receive an order of patinated components from Miss Fickle, I seem to become instantly inspired and other projects are pushed aside!  All the colors are awesome and go well with a large variety of other metals, gemstones,  art beads, and fibers.  As you will see, I've been reaching for the turquoise, but I will broaden out in the near future.  It's all so irresistible!  Since I have quite a collection on hand before some of it goes off to the northern Wisconsin galleries, I would like to show you what I did.

                 The Sea Grass Hammered Bars are like two delicate arms, suspending the turquoise.

Here I have combined Indigo Washed Chestnut Chain and Coins with copper bicones.

                      I love these organic links!  This is Chestnut Opal with a rough garnet nugget.

The coordinating earrings and bracelet.  That Indigo Washed Chestnut Chain just caresses your wrist!

                                     Chestnut Chain with Water and Wood 16mm Links

                                                      These large oval links are so useful!

   These earrings are among my favorites.  You don't need a lot of embellishment on these beautiful                          Water and Wood rings.

More Water and Woods!  The chain in the center provides the added touch of contrast and interest.

             This is fun to wear and the Oval links lay so nice.  You could attach a lot of danglies !

The Water and Woods is so compatible with this turquoise!
                  I like using the silk wrap for a finished look.

                           A closer look at those colorful Water and Woods  rounds!

A Soot Black toggle with lots of chain!

                  MissFickle generously sent me two unbelievable black tourmaline nuggets
                 and some ceramic beads from MaCarroll, check out her beads!

                         The other black tourmaline with Black Soot chain, a no-brainer choice!
The clear quartz nugget is the perfect contrast and the heart is from my friend Judy's necklace!

Details!  Soot Black toggle,  secure and looks good in any position on a necklace.  I also used MissFickle's instructions on wiring the cut chain lengths back together, a neat trick with style!
See her blog, Monday, August 30, 2010.

                         Verdigris Mini-Discs flutter from any earring design or as a bracelet dangle.

Would you believe that I have lots more of these delightful parts and pieces?!  Sure you would,
because we all need something left to hoard and play with while waiting for the creative juices to
come our way.  The next display will include Violet!  Thanks, MissFickle for your love and 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Color Inspiration from Maui Art

Everyone is talking about spring!  Here's a quick post with some photos of artwork on the walls of our condo in Maui.  Every condo we've stayed in has local art everywhere, such ambiance!  I thought the artwork would be great color inspiration!

Now would you please make some jewelry and show me how inspired you were?!

Spring motivates us to clean, and while cleaning my desk, I found this advice I had saved and I would like to share it with you:

     Whatever you desire or dream about,
           take some small action every day
           that moves you closer to your goal.

The comments you gift me with are greatly appreciated!

Friday, February 18, 2011

More Maui Jewelry!

We're all familiar with the inspiration that is stimulated by the natural beauty of those "special" places in our world.  The Hawaiian islands are strong in that category, and I want to share a small part of Marta Howell's story.  "Using Mother Nature as inspiration, Marta creates artful and unique pieces of jewelry from her studio in Kailua, Hawaii.  She designs using Abalone shells and Mother of Pearl and complements each with semi-precious gemstones.... The mother of pearl that she uses comes from the Black Lip Oyster, the oyster which generates the Black Tahitian Pearl." This is quoted from the information included with your purchase.  The Oceanside Jewelers in Lahaina, Maui, is where I discovered Marta's work several years ago.  I was attracted to the store because from the front door, you can see right through to the back deck that overlooks the ocean, a perfect combination!  While browsing, you may sight a whale and feel the ocean breezes, yes, it's really awesome!

                   A piece of a Black Lip Oyster shell.  It is just radiant in person.  While living in Thailand, Marta gathered many of these shells from the beach, not your average shell collection!

Here's Katie, wearing a Marta Howell Mother of Pearl pendant with an amethyst.

Both are beautiful!

                     An abalone shell is displayed with other pieces by Marta.  So many choices!!

This is my anniversary present!  Black Lip Shell with peridot.  I am happy!

Come back soon for a glimpse of bead shopping!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Maui Beading Buddy!

We've just enjoyed the most wonderful 2 weeks in Maui!  The first day we were here and on our way to the vegetable market, we glanced in a little shop that has jewelry.  Dan said "That looks like Jasmine"!  And there she was, now set up in her own shop, "At Witt's End", (because her last name is Witt).  I  met Jasmine during our first trip to Maui, about 9 years ago.  We were with our friends, Jim and Judy,  walking along the trail in the Iao Valley, when we came upon a lovely young girl, singing and making a gorgeous turtle necklace.  Of course, Judy and I stopped to chat, and Judy bought the necklace!  Two years later, Dan and I were back in Maui and I recognized Jasmine at a local market, selling her jewelry.  She kindly shared her supply of turtle pendants, made of carved mango wood and limpet shells.  The necklaces I made with these turtles were very popular, and one of them eventually became  my first time published in Bead Trends Magazine, August 2010.  I thought it was very exciting  to see how Jasmine persisted and  progressed from a small start to her own shop!  I hope the photos will capture enough of the story and give you some incentive!

                                        A variety of items invites you to take a closer look!
              "Handmade Hawaiian Polynesian jewelry, baskets, arts, and crafts"

Meet Jasmine!

                                                       Beautiful displays are everywhere!

             This is very interesting, especially her desire to put more "ALOHA" in her work!

                                                         These colors are gorgeous!

                                                 Shells, pearls, and coral are abundant!

Wish you could see it in person!

Had to include the corner where it all comes together -

                                            Isn't it fun to see someone else's work/mess area?
                                                            We all have this, right?

Jasmine doesn't have a blog, but you can leave comments here and she'll be glad to read them.  It was so much fun to visit with her again, and I wanted to share her success story with the bloggers!