Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Challenge of Literature

Erin Prais-Hintz invited us to join her Challenge of Literature and design some jewelry inspired by something we read  that "speaks to us personally."  Avid bedtime reader that I am, while many of you are burning the midnight designer's oil, I could surely jump in on this one!  Starting with the Nancy Drew series, I have read mainly mysteries, FBI themes, and Michael Connelly-type books.  But I also enjoy Anita Shreve-style books about people's lives and challenges, which reminded me of a character in one of those books,  (sorry, no title or author remains in my memory) a young girl, who suddenly discovered poetry, and stayed in her room for days until she had read everything available by Anne Michaels.  I was immediately inspired by the quotes from the poems that struck this girl's heart and started taking notes.  So I was ready! when Erin posed this challenge!

From  Anne Michaels' poem, "Skin Divers":

    " Because the moon feels loved, she lets our eyes
     follow her across the field, stepping
     from  her clothes, strewn silk
     glinting in furrows.  Feeling loved,
     the moon loves to be looked at,
     swimming all night across the river."

The girl was elated to read this, because she watched the moon over the river outside her bedroom window!  The resulting necklace is "River Moon".  I know, it's the reverse of "Moon Ri-i-iver", but it had to be!

         Labradorites, pearls that are actually silvery, chain, and a "moon" bead - all from my stash!

The beloved "moon".

A kyanite planet, perhaps?

Different backgrounds and lighting, but I'm thinking different camera!

The moon is such an amazing part of creation!  No wonder it has inspired
art and literature forever!

Click on Erin's name above for a complete list of participants!

Here's another "moon" thought from further on in the same poem, "Skin Divers".

"The moon touches everything
into meaning, under her blind fingers,
then returns us to cerulean
aluminum dawns."

Thanks so much for visiting and I appreciate your comments!  Hope you enjoyed this brief journey through the night.