Friday, July 13, 2012

Simple Truths Celebration

Erin Prais-Hintz has posed another challenge, this time using our Simple Truths pendants that have burrowed into our stash and gotten way too comfortable!  Erin generously gifted me with a charming Woodsy Owl.  Who wouldn't want to keep this little face around, no doubt full of "deep thoughts"!

                                                            So sweet!

I had a name in mind and wanted to try stamped copper pieces in one of the strands.

I would have preferred smaller jump rings, but that brought the pieces too close and they overlapped.  Note for next time.  We learn with each piece, right?

I love having a supply of copper clasps, ready to use!

And now we're ready for the whole show!

"Listen to Wisdom"

I was happy to have a copper leaf from Art Beads on hand to remind us of the woodsy theme.
Here are the earrings!

These were inspired by the "Sculpted Bird Earrings" in the Spring 2012
Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine.  They're just the look I wanted!  I will
make more of this style!

Thanks, Erin, for providing the motivation to give life to our Simple Truths pendants!
I'm under huge pressure to produce jewelry for this Thursday, following last Thursday's success at the flea market.  This will be one of the best things I'm showing!

Since this post refers to wisdom, I'm including this wise advice:

" As you journey through life,
Choose your destinations well,
but do not hurry there.
You will arrive soon enough."

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