Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bead Soup Re-Vamp!

It's the middle of November, what a perfect time to have bright and beautiful jewelry to gaze upon!  I was the "left over" in pairing up, so Lori Anderson kindly took me on as her second partner.  She sent me a breezy, colorful necklace that I told her I would've worn to a beach wedding in Maui!  Here it is -

There was a lot to work with.  In order to be "me", I selected only 2 of the components, the fabulous silver clasp and the fun keishi pearls.  Lori also sent extras, and I discovered that the lampwork beads that were included had a colorful spot that coordinated with the pearls, although the photo doesn't really emphasize that.

This is the secondary focal and I used the clasp as the main focal.

Isn't it spectacular!!  The silver brings out the silvery-gray pearls very nicely.  I also added peach and gray potato pearls and one more of the lampwork beads.

Here is another view, it can be worn in several positions.
Thanks, Lori, for being a generous partner and for organizing!

"Elegance Re-Born"

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  1. Sharon, I'm with you--the original was really pretty, and I love what you did with the components you used---beautiful job...I especially love the way you mixed the pearl shapes and placed the lampwork focal---great design!

  2. Okay... I am a slug! I haven't really gotten cooking on mine and it is almost 10pm!!! Yikes! That is GORGEOUS and I do like your design better. You made something great simply stunning. So glad that you could join in!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. pretty, pretty, pretty - loooove it!

  4. What a beauty you made. I love it. Wonderful simplicity and richness at the same time. Fab.!!

  5. I like the 'before' necklace (I agree, it screams 'beach holiday') and I adore the 'after' necklace. It looks like an elegant piece of vintage jewellery women in the 1920s would wear.

  6. That is just beautiful - so elegant! I love the lines of it!

  7. Oh, my, I honestly didn't think anyone could improve on Lori's design, but I think you did! Beautiful! I love your style!

  8. Oh those lampwork beads DID work beautifully! You did SO much better than I did -- yours is so much more wearable and modern and chic! Well done!

  9. High praise, indeed, Lori! Thank you again for all the beads you sent. I'm not through with those lampwork - I have other pearls lined up for them! Have a bracelet plan too, but my other life got in the way. Thanks for the party!

  10. Love the revamp, so elegant and so simple. I tend to like mutlistrand elaborate necklaces, but seeing your redo... makes me think. Just lovely.

  11. Fab beads to work with, and you made a great piece! I really look forward to taking part in the next big bead soup party! smiles, Virginie from

  12. That bracelet was beautiful - what a wonderful inspiration piece for you to work with. That clasp is fantastic - I can see why you picked that element to work with. Beautiful finished piece!

  13. This is spectacular! I love that no matter how you wear it there is something eye-catching and beautiful that becomes the focal point.

  14. Hello! I found you via missficklemedia...I did not know anything about this swap...what an intriging idea..I am originally from Wisconsin. Please stop by my blog when you find the time. I am having a GIVEAWAY...THANKS.