Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Rimrock Series

Have you ever created jewelry with the same theme in mind, resulting in a series of items?  It's not an unusual idea, but I hadn't purposely done this until my husband was reading me excerpts from his current book.  It was Rimrock Bluff and Rimrock River and everything exciting happened at the Rimrock, (obviously a western setting)!  So I started thinking about jewelry depicting all the scenes at this fabulous Rimrock area!  When I looked at the Red Creek Jasper, the turquoise, the copper, the leather, everything said "Rimrock"!  It's much easier to design and name your jewelry with this imaginary place in mind!  Here are a few hastily taken photos of some of the series.  It was a weekly rush to get them to the market, so I don't have pictures of all of them, but I'm sure more pieces will come!

                                          "Riding the Ridge at Rimrock"

This was a complete experiment, inspired by the Fall 2009 issue of Belle Armoire magazine.  I cut about 6 lengths of  bronze wire, balled one end, added a few beads,  balled the other end, then carefully wrapped around the leather.  Three are sold, but I still get nervous starting another one!

This is one version of the earrings.

"The Pueblo at Rimrock"

Didn't want you to miss all the silver in the clasp on this one.  I was picturing a woman sitting near her pueblo and braiding all the strands, which are waxed linen.

This is the lovely Ellen, who purchased the necklace as her "Applefest Gift to Herself"!
We were at Blue Vista Farm in Bayfield for the Applefest weekend, it was a wonderful time!

"Rimrock Reflections"

The Red Creek Jasper with great little nuggets and rondelles.  It deserves a better photo!

The pendant looks as if it were cut from a high bluff.

"Rimrock Fire Dance"

More Red Creek Jasper with copper and leather.

"The Colorado Fourteeners" Series

I just started this series, based on inspiration from the fourteen peaks in Colorado that are more than 14,000 feet high.  We've seen about half of them, all majestic, of course!

"La Plata Peak", Elev. 14, 336'

"Little Bear Peak", Elev. 14,037'

These two were designed with men in mind, and that's who bought them, but they looked great on women, too!

"The Siskiwit Bay Series"

This is planned for next summer, just for a shop on Siskiwit Bay,  Lake Superior.

The sawgrass that grows along the beach, part of the inspiration.

We were able to swim in Lake Superior in July!

Thanks so much for your visit.  Your comments on series of jewelry, or any subject, are most welcome!


  1. Love the Red Creek Jasper piece, it is gorgeous. I love Jasper!

  2. I love the idea of a series. I like that fire dancer one with the paddles. Such pretty earthy colors and perfect for your stores in the Superior area!
    Enjoy the day.

  3. Sharon, I really love your style. I remember admiring your necklace when we met at Bead and Button - you truly have your own signature style and it is gorgeous. It's not surprise that so many in this series have sold! Happy New Year to you!

  4. How fun to be inspired by nature. You captured this area magnificently! Beautiful!