Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Modern Miner's Daughter
Do you find that a story behind your piece of jewelry gives it a bit of mystique and intrigue, maybe sparks the imagination of the new owner?  My friend, and occasional collaborator, Heidi, is a gifted and brilliant story-teller.  She just makes the piece come alive!  Here's an example of one of her stories that she wrote about the earrings I made for her!

"The Modern Miner's Daughter"

Though she's moved to the city, her earrings remind her of her pleasant childhood growing up in the mountains.  There she spent afternoons perusing her grandfather's collection of semi-precious stones and gleaming copper retrieved from his mining days.  The earrings themselves a gift from her father, also a miner of those mountains she now misses almost as much as her dear old dad.  The turquoise echoes the azure sky, while the shiny copper reflects the pink-orange sunsets that they watched together from the front porch swing...times beautiful and carefree...just the words to describe the earrings she wears so often these days with a happy wistfulness.

I hope you were taken into another time and place with Heidi's story!  Our fictional dream is that we make jewelry together and she writes all of the descriptions for a catalog!  Thanks, Heidi, for always being an inspiration and a joy!


  1. So beautiful, Sharon! Thinking of you and hope all is well on your end! :-)