Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Soft Opening

Another newbie enters the wide world of blogging!  I have published this in its incomplete state in hopes of "hands-on" assistance, and I do mean, "first you click here, then....."!  So don't feel like you're talking down to me.  I will try to eventually be a worthy member of the wonderful community of jewelry bloggers.    I really want to keep this template, but the font for the description is too light for the photo.  Love the title!  But when i select to place the description below the header, then the title disappears!  I'm thinking of typing it again, under the picture anyway. So any input will be appreciated.  TIA! (Thanks in Advance - I read some of Tara Frey's "Blogging for Bliss", on loan from Erin Prais-Hintz), and being reviewd on Art Bead Scene today.


  1. Hi Sharon!
    Welcome to blogging! I hope you find it as rewarding as I do!

    As far as designing the blog and inserting graphics, I am of no use. I just pay other people to do it for me (Hey, my brain can only do so much, you know, haha!).

    But if I am able to help, I sure will!

    Looking forward to your posts!

  2. Yea! I am so proud of you, Sharon. This is a giant leap and one that I know you will find rewarding. You have so much to offer this blogging world, but be patient with yourself. Great blogs take time to develop. I am sure that anyone who comes to visit will tell you that their earlier posts were rough around the edges.

    I will work on your header this weekend. Stay tuned!
    When we get together next we can discuss other strategies as well.

    Enjoy the day!

  3. Just jump on in Sharon - we are happy to have you join the party!

  4. This is so exciting to hear from you all! Thanks for the warm welcome!

  5. I like this picture very much. You don't need my help at all! You need to pull a different color for the text. I would suggest that yellow. Or leave the blue, copy and past it but change the color to yellow. Then layer them so that one is staggered. But I think that in the position that you have it in the yellow might standout more.

  6. Hi, Sharon! I've just started blogging this year and have tons to learn, too. I do have a daughter that blogging, or anything to do with a computer, seems to be second nature to her! She's 15. So, when I have problems, I call on her. Sometimes I think I'm just out of my realm of learning some of the tricks. Oh, and just like TesoriTrovati said, my first posts (and some of the more recent, too) are rough around the edges! I do enjoy every minute of visiting. I also love making jewelry. I do have a separate blog for that (what was I thinking?) It has some problems I cannot fix. Somehow Blogger did away with my followers, (all two of them!) Ha!, but whatever, that feature just disappeared. I'll have to come back and visit from it. I only have one post on there so far. I've got to get busy. I hope you have a great blogging journey! I have met THE nicest ladies through blogging! I'll be back to visit soon!

  7. Hi Sharon, It looks great so far! this summer has been so busy, I haven't updated mine much :( Next weekend things should slow down and I will feature you on my blog.

  8. Welcome aboard! Most anything that has to do with technology is a struggle for me. Lots of trial and error, but it's very rewarding to accomplish something that you didn't think you could do. Looking great!

  9. Welcome on board - have fun, looking forwsrd to see more of your creations. And maybe next year at Loris beadsoup-party!