Monday, August 30, 2010

New Acronym for Bloggers?

P.S.I.A.  This officially stands for the Professional Ski Instructors of America.  Years ago, my daughter went through their training and testing, and during the test, she and another girl were asked what P.S.I.A. stands for - the other girl thought about it and came up with "Please stop in... anytime"!  Wrong answer for her, but what a nice invitation for a blog!  Just wondering if it will catch on! Hmmmm...

I had to spend the day with appointments, so sorry for the token appearance.  I have a couple of photos of jewelry, though, and hope it will interest you.  The first artist lampwork beads I used were all made by Cathie Roberts,  and I have a supply to be coveted. Before I had a blog, Cathie always featured any of my jewelry with her beads on her blog,
This is the first time I added images, another new skill not quite mastered.  I know you'll be kind because I am constantly battling sleep-deprivation. But, remember, PSIA!


  1. That is beautiful lampwork in your lovely necklaces. I must go over and check out her work.

  2. Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by, appreciate it. You're doing great, just keep at it! the blogging is a lot of fun, you'll meet wonderful people. Take care, Riki

  3. That's a pretty cool definition!

    LOOOOVE that big purple lampwork bead!