Monday, February 07, 2011

Maui Beading Buddy!

We've just enjoyed the most wonderful 2 weeks in Maui!  The first day we were here and on our way to the vegetable market, we glanced in a little shop that has jewelry.  Dan said "That looks like Jasmine"!  And there she was, now set up in her own shop, "At Witt's End", (because her last name is Witt).  I  met Jasmine during our first trip to Maui, about 9 years ago.  We were with our friends, Jim and Judy,  walking along the trail in the Iao Valley, when we came upon a lovely young girl, singing and making a gorgeous turtle necklace.  Of course, Judy and I stopped to chat, and Judy bought the necklace!  Two years later, Dan and I were back in Maui and I recognized Jasmine at a local market, selling her jewelry.  She kindly shared her supply of turtle pendants, made of carved mango wood and limpet shells.  The necklaces I made with these turtles were very popular, and one of them eventually became  my first time published in Bead Trends Magazine, August 2010.  I thought it was very exciting  to see how Jasmine persisted and  progressed from a small start to her own shop!  I hope the photos will capture enough of the story and give you some incentive!

                                        A variety of items invites you to take a closer look!
              "Handmade Hawaiian Polynesian jewelry, baskets, arts, and crafts"

Meet Jasmine!

                                                       Beautiful displays are everywhere!

             This is very interesting, especially her desire to put more "ALOHA" in her work!

                                                         These colors are gorgeous!

                                                 Shells, pearls, and coral are abundant!

Wish you could see it in person!

Had to include the corner where it all comes together -

                                            Isn't it fun to see someone else's work/mess area?
                                                            We all have this, right?

Jasmine doesn't have a blog, but you can leave comments here and she'll be glad to read them.  It was so much fun to visit with her again, and I wanted to share her success story with the bloggers!


  1. Hi Sharon! Well now I know "the rest of the story!". Thanks for sharing it...and how lucky for you to go back to Hawaii for 2 weeks. We went there for our honeymoon - but that was almost 16 years ago!!!
    Jasmin does make such beautiful jewelry. What a great shot of her beading area - we can all relate to work areas like that! I love that handmade basket - I bought something similar while on the road to Hana.

  2. Great story - thxs for sharing:-)

  3. Totally great great story and absolutely love the pics

  4. now I don't feel so bad about my studio!!!! I straighten it up and then design, and back to the mess