Friday, February 18, 2011

More Maui Jewelry!

We're all familiar with the inspiration that is stimulated by the natural beauty of those "special" places in our world.  The Hawaiian islands are strong in that category, and I want to share a small part of Marta Howell's story.  "Using Mother Nature as inspiration, Marta creates artful and unique pieces of jewelry from her studio in Kailua, Hawaii.  She designs using Abalone shells and Mother of Pearl and complements each with semi-precious gemstones.... The mother of pearl that she uses comes from the Black Lip Oyster, the oyster which generates the Black Tahitian Pearl." This is quoted from the information included with your purchase.  The Oceanside Jewelers in Lahaina, Maui, is where I discovered Marta's work several years ago.  I was attracted to the store because from the front door, you can see right through to the back deck that overlooks the ocean, a perfect combination!  While browsing, you may sight a whale and feel the ocean breezes, yes, it's really awesome!

                   A piece of a Black Lip Oyster shell.  It is just radiant in person.  While living in Thailand, Marta gathered many of these shells from the beach, not your average shell collection!

Here's Katie, wearing a Marta Howell Mother of Pearl pendant with an amethyst.

Both are beautiful!

                     An abalone shell is displayed with other pieces by Marta.  So many choices!!

This is my anniversary present!  Black Lip Shell with peridot.  I am happy!

Come back soon for a glimpse of bead shopping!


  1. Welcome back! Bet you wish you were still feeling the tropical breezes instead of the frigid ones we have been having! I love that jewelry. What a sweet and thoughtful anniversary gift. Your header is so fresh! I am thinking spring. Enjoy the day, beading buddy.

  2. I agree with Erin...your new blog header is fresh and so pretty. I can just smell those sweet flowers now.
    I love mother of pearl and black pearls...I'm sure I would have been smitten with Marta's jewelry as well. I can't imagine shopping for jewelry with a breeze flowing and a view of the ocean all at the same time. What a dream. :-)

  3. That black lip oyster is huge! And I love your blog look!