Thursday, September 02, 2010

"Maui Hona", Bead Trends, August

This is my first publication ever!!  One of those things that wasn't planned, but kind of developed.  In January we visited friends in Florida, and, of course, I took a selection of jewelry.  My friend, Judy, picked out a similar necklace with a larger turtle, but left the necklace in the group for others to see.  Her friend, Lois, also liked the turtle, so I said I would make another one, resulting in "Maui Hona".  While I was taking photos for the Bead Trends submission, I thought I would send in a few of the turtle necklace, too.  To everyone's amazement and excitement, that was the one they wanted!  So Lois had to wait until August to receive her necklace, but she will have a very special piece.
But wait, there's something else you need to know - that I never would've submitted anything if it hadn't been for the encouragement and help from Erin Prais-Hintz!  I live about 25 miles from Erin, so we were both in the same event to raise money for a women's charity last October.  Just before it opened, I was swooning and admiring Erin's jewelry and then headed back to my own display.  Guess who was there!!  So we got acquainted and Erin asked me if I had ever been published.  A normal question, but I had never considered it.  So that's how it all started, and I really appreciate that Erin was so gracious and motivating.  Thanks, Erin!
Wellll, disappointing situation, Tatia sent me the pages but the file is "unreadable"!  Their photography is surely awesome, though!  It's on the Vintaj Facebook page.  So sorry, will make it up to you with other photos, but I'm "up north" right now.


  1. Congratulations and it is a lovely push we get from our friends! I actually think I understand what being up north means. My partners family is from up north. His mother grew up in a logging camp oh so long ago on the border of WI and the UP MI. And my hubby is proudly displaying a T shirt from Iron River as I type :-)

  2. I am sorry that I missed this! I have been a bit MIA of late. I love the idea of P.S.I.A. too. You are so sweet to mention me. I was just tickled that you were so open to chat with me (not all of the jewelry artists there are as open you know!). We are friends. And we sell at the same venue. So what? We have no need to be threatened but rather buoyed by the fact that we can be there together. And I am so glad that you did take my advice... here is another. Scan the images from the magazine as jpgs and then you can add them to your blog posts.
    Enjoy the day!