Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Art Crawl, Cornucopia, WI This Weekend!

I've been putting in some long days to make those "special" items, just for the Art Crawl event in Cornucopia, WI.  Local artists and those who have art on consignment in one of the shops set up their display in one of the businesses.  People will follow a map to see all the variety.  "Corny" is a very small fishing village on the shore of Lake Superior, and one would never guess that it's such a happenin' place.  I'll try for some good photos, but for now, I'll give you a preview of some new items.

A pendant from Zoa Arts,  complemented by patinated chain from Miss Fickle !

My fall "show" necklace made to go with my new top!

I'm sure you recognize one of Swoondimples beautiful pendants!

This looks great with at least one of my own outfits, dilemma!

A lovely prenhite  nugget and Vintaj!

Thanks so much for coming by, and remember that your comments are highly valued! 


  1. Love your show necklace, that should attract the crowd. All the other necklaces are beautiful too, especially the dragonfly on Prenhite. Good luck at the Art Crawl!

  2. Some nice pieces! Have fun and let us know how it turns out!

  3. They're all lovely, but that top one is my favorite!

  4. Thanks, Girls! Always nice to know who likes what!! I pay attention to that, as I'm sure you all do!

  5. I don't know why I have been absent here, Sharon. I think my feed for your blog was all screwed up. I love all these looks! I am suffering from some horrible creative indecision right about now. I just can't get my head wrapped around what I should do next. These are beautiful inspirations and I am sure that they were hot sellers. Makes me think that I won't be ready for ARTS Night seeing what you have cranked out.

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration!
    Enjoy the day!