Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Follow-up On the "Art Crawl" in Cornucopia!

As stated in the previous post, I was part of the Art Crawl in Cornucopia, WI.  It's way up there on the Lake Superior shore. The header is an early morning view of Lake Superior, you can barely see it, I know, but it's always there, like when you're driving west in Nebraska and you finally spot the foothills of the Rockies!
 Turned out to be a beautiful fall day, except for a cold wind off the lake, and the weather is a huge factor in the buying atmosphere.  I was all cozy in the Village Inn and feel that it was a worthwhile effort, at least it wasn't snowing!  Saw several of the people that come to the annual "Corny" Day in August. The people around there are so friendly and open, they make any event a fun time.  You have to be there to understand the unique experience.  Cornucopia is "Unincorporated", but the population mushrooms in the summer with many visitors and seasonal residents.  It's not that far to Bayfield, the other end of the spectrum, busy all the time, neat shops, large marina, constant events.  So visitors have their choice.  Dan took a few pictures, but I never got out, not even for the special hot chocolate!

The Village Inn

                        Everyone likes those blue bottles!  They're great for bracelets and extra chain.

      Looking across at the shops along the marina.  Just a few of them, but each one has a lot to offer!

             This is the place to get hot chocolate!  They did a beautiful job on this very old building.

              In the peak of summer, the blooms are profuse.  This is a "Come-on-in" setting!

     This is Manzanita's way cool shop.  Oh, and she has some of my jewelry, too.  Lots of old books, antiques, you can poke around in these little places for a long time.  We have many memories of times we were here with family and friends.  Glad you came by to see a little part of it!


  1. Looks like a charming little village. The marina and the view in your header photo are beautiful! Looks like a fun time was had by all who attended!

  2. Hi Sharon,
    The Zoa Art piece looks great in your jewelry design!
    Thanks for letting me know where to find you and for showing me the necklace......I often wonder what folks do with my pieces.....
    I'll be back often.....Lisa

  3. That looks like SUCH a cool place!!!